Pentizer-The Sanitiser Spray Pen

Pentizer-The Sanitiser Spray Pen

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Pentizer-The Sanitizer Spray  Pen

We have developed and our selling a specialized ballpoint pen that also has a compartment for the user to add hand sanitizer. Not only does our pen write beautiful and comfortably, but it also has a spray bottle-type attachment on the end where the user can press to spray hand sanitizer or other liquids on their hands or surfaces. Stay clean and safe with our brand new pens!

Write and Spray Hand Sanitiser Pen

Pentizer-The Sanitiser Spray  Pen

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Additional Information

Pentizer-The Sanitizing Pen

Our brand new hand sanitizer pen is a fully functional ballpoint pen, that writes both smoothly and beautifully, but also has a spray bottle attachment on the end of it, and about 50 mL of storage space for Hand Sanitizer, but can also be used for perfume, cologne, water, and more.

Product Features

• Our pens are of the highest, quality and come with a compartment to store Hand Sanitizer and a spray bottle attachment on the end which means you will be able to write, and stay clean and safe wherever you go

• We sell our pens in packs of 6, 12, 24 and 48 which means you can choose the amount you need, and have extra pens for your family, friends and co-workers.

• We have red pens, black pens and blue pens and when you buy, you will get an equal amount of each which means you will have options and can choose which one you prefer.

• Aside from Hand Sanitizer, we have had customers fill their compartment with perfume, window cleaner, cologne, water, lotion, and more which means our pens are truly multi-purpose and can be be adapted to whatever situation you are in.

Product Details

• Black Ink (All Pens have black ink, regardless of their exterior color)

• 0.3 Inches Wide x 6.1 Inches Tall

• Great design makes writing smooth and comfortable

• Liquid storage compartment holds enough fluid for approximately 50 sprays

• Liquid storage compartment does not come with any liquid. You are to fill it with whatever you want whether it be hand sanitizer, perfume, etc.

• Pens come in three different colors; black, red and blue. You will get an equal amount of each when you order (eg. If you buy 24, you will get 8 black, 8 red and 8 blue)

Pentizer -The Sanitiser Spray  Pen


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