Atomization Disinfection Fogger Machine for Car,Home,Office,Indoor,Hotels,Nursing Homes

Atomization Disinfection Fogger Machine for Car,Home,Office,Indoor,Hotels,Nursing Homes

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  • ATOMIZATION DISINFECTION MACHINE: Liquid capacity: 100mL; smoke output: 2000 cubic feet / minute; Power: 900 watts; voltage: 220V; Safe packaging!

  • POWERFUL STERILIZATION: 100ml of atomized liquid can purify about 15-20 square meters of space. Using nano atomization technology, the fog diameter is about 5 microns, fine, no water droplets, long-term suspension, effective sterilization, mite removal, PM2.5 removal , To remove formaldehyde, remove odors, and clean the air environment.

  • EXAMPLES OF VEHICLE USE: Place the machine steadily, place the duct into the atomized liquid, time, turn on the air conditioning circulation system, preheat for 3-5 minutes, start the button to start working, close the door and wait for the exhaust smoke to absorb harmful substances in the air. After disinfection, ventilate for a while.

  • WIDELY USED: 900W high power, timing function, safety, anti-breakage packaging, suitable for cars, homes, restaurants, shopping malls, schools, hotels, KTV, transportation, public places, etc. Note: After use, please add water or vinegar spray to clean the machine pipe.

  • INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Nano atomization disinfection machine is suitable for disinfection of indoor air in cars and houses. Suitable for adding nano disinfection atomization liquid (non-toxic, fresh air type), hypochlorous acid, disinfection water. Do not use 84 (sodium hypochlorite), alcohol (in the form of smoke, easy to catch fire), etc.

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